Upcoming Projects

Create ‘Butterfly’ Research Centre in Maharashtra

To promote the deep study of various phases of butterflies, identification of its host plants, and thereby conservation of biodiversity is the main goal of this project. The Secondary goal of this research center would be the study of the life cycle of the butterflies; the students and zoologists will also be able to educate. For this, we have identified a place near Amboli village in Trimbakeshwar taluka, Nashik district to get an adoptable environment for this project. This will help us in attracting the Grassland, forest, wetland, and Ghat section area of Nashik district, which represents the Western Ghat and Deccan Plateau region of Northern/Western Maharashtra.

To create Innovative automation in Agricultural zones through Biomimicry

Biomimicry is a new subject for Indian students and Industry. In western countries as well as Eastern countries have done miracles in Innovation by adopting various Biomimicry principles. As our team was working many years in industries and at the same time exploring various nature biodiversity, we thought to work on Biomimicry projects and help to Agro sector, which is the biggest sector of India.
We tried to figure out the pain areas in farming and listed them down. We have selected to focus on Grape farming, which is supposed to be a high-potential, complex and challenging area to work on. To in Grape farming, we focused on various spraying of fertilizers and chemicals during the process on Grape plants. We wanted to make it an auto-operated process and a team is launched to design and implement the same.