Today is 26th October 2022, Padwa, the New year’s day after Diwali. Me and My better half, Gauri, along with my core teammates, are incredibly delighted to embark on the well-awaited website addressed as Wilderwings. in for the public.

For creating this website, my elder daughter, contributed to making it engaging and eye-catching for the public with the help of a digital team.
Our team’s motto is to observe flora and fauna in nature, and more studies are dedicated to wild fauna (free in nature) that have wings (can fly above ground). After working many years in Industrial life,Observing nature regularly is our team’s hobby and creating/sharing some unique information/products with the public is our passion.
We believe, Wilderwings is a thought process. Wild means natural, and wings resemble innovation. Innovations adopted or inspired by nature which can give pleasure and enlightenment to our life is a comprehensive facet of Wilderwings