Now a days under banner of eco tourism many people in all age limits started going for touring, specially in nature, biodiversity parks and into untouched natural trails and spots. This is good thing, if some one looks nature as guide or to study some nature rules or creating beauties etc. But all our urban stuff of people enjoy liquor parties, wetting in rivers and under water falls, selfies with risks ,some food stuff with plastic waste spread etc ,and what is purpose? Enjoy for a moment, Sharing on social media that’s all.

While moving in the nature, if we do good observations or study by repetitive exercises, we can get certain connections or clues about certain pattern. There is an engineering in nature. There are some unwritten laws, rules, patterns which can be seen in nature. And if we observe those and try to use in our day today life ,it will be more appreciated for sustenance and endurance. Nature always gives precautionary signals to us, but we fell to sense it. I was very much curious to know that how major animals are generally do not become victims of natural calamities. There are many recent examples like Chennai Tsunami, Jungle fire in Australia, Brazil, or Snowy mountains slides in Artic etc, where animals are some how escaped from these calamities.

To observe such things from nature, to understand science behind it ,and suitable innovations for us is really a great future challenge . And probably one of major requirement for sustainable growth for any commodity. We ,as a group thought to come together for common goal and created a group named as Wilderwings. And that to do studies of those species which are having wings and which are wild. To start with we selected 4 B’s……Birds, Butterflies, Beetles and Bees. We started studying the properties of such species ,typical behaviours and its management, system etc to understand and develop an innovation. The science known as Biomimicry. To do certain projects on Biomimicry.